Welcome to Katie Bird.

This is my blog, essentially making my Pinterest aesthetic board into a real thing. Follow my visual inspirations and creations on here — photography, books, art, and food.

Photography is my main medium, and everything I post will include at least one photo. (See my contact page for more information on my photographs). Under the super specific heading “photos” you can find anything that’s explicitly photography and not explicitly about art, books, or food. Think portraits, landscapes, my dog, random details from aesthetically pleasing places, and whatever else would fall in the “other” category.

Book posts are where I’ll get nerdy: my page for all my literature-based endeavors. Expect photos of my most current reads accompanied by a short review and recommendation, and probably a latte. Books will range from classic novels to modern novels with the occasional sprinkling of something that’s not a novel (maybe).

Art will be anything I create, either for my studio art classes or outside of them. Mostly paintings, drawings, multi-media works, but also some larger photography projects done for class. These posts will be less frequent, or more in-progress type photos, aimed at sharing my own growth in studio art. You can probably find some small watercolor studies or pen-and-ink doodles, too.

Food includes anything I make, or anything I buy that I’m particularly excited about/find photogenic. I love to bake (debate quitting school to open a bakery on a nearly daily basis) so most of my food posts will be cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc. I’m also a breakfast food enthusiast, so expect non-Bisquick pancakes, fried eggs, and overpriced coffees.

I hope you find something you like here, whether it’s my photos or my stories. Thanks for stopping by.

x, Katie