a walk through boston

Some photos from a short weekend trip to Boston last month. It was my first time actually exploring Boston, and though I walked most of the city, there is so much more that I didn’t get to see. My visit included strolling through Harvard’s incredible art museum and seeing some other parts of Cambridge, taking a tour of the Boston Public Library, and following the Freedom Trail down to the North End. Most of these photos are from the BPL, which is full of beautiful architecture and murals, including a set by John Singer Sargent. The best part was the Harvard Art Museum, which housed works by Monet, Van Gogh, Pollock, and other big names. I definitely geeked out and talked too much about the art, but it was exciting to see work by artists that I’ve been learning about in my classes. I hope to go back to the city soon to check out more of the shops and the restaurants, and maybe see Keytar Bear again.

aslanchandeliersargent muralsmarbledbplreflectdudememorialkeytar bearmonet

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