santa cruz boardwalk

New year, finally a new post. My apologies for the extended absence; it was a busy fall semester with no photos, no baking, and no time for the blog. However I hope to be back with more content in the coming months, so stay in touch.

Over the winter break, my basketball team played in a tournament in Santa Cruz, California. The trip included a practice at Stanford, a Segway tour of San Francisco, a walk through the redwoods, and a win over the Banana Slugs. The boardwalk at Santa Cruz offered some beautiful shots of the Pacific and its inhabitants: the sea lions and the surfers. I loved getting to experience the sea lions up close and in action while they basked away in laziness interrupted by loud barks of aggression when a newcomer intruded on the cuddle pile. To be surrounded by sea breeze and a little bit of sunshine refreshed me. It felt good to have the camera strap around my neck again.


  1. Some seriously great photos in your Santa Cruz collection, Katie. And your FOOD section makes me drool! I hope to try your champagne cake someday.❤️


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